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Teachuska is Blog website where you can find all the information related to tea with various information with flavour and aroma. Teachuska is mainly as tea as beverage and chuska as sip of tea as cold and hot. Teachuska related to tea which help your body to get relax from your daily schedule and enjoy movement of your life by taking sip of various flavours.

Importance of Tea

Tea is a drink with a combination of various type of leaves and buds with a flavours and aroma to get relaxation from your daily work schedule and live some moments of your life peacefully. Two principle type of leaves are used while prepration of tea and they are small leaved known as china plant and large leaved as assam plant

Classification of Tea

Tea are classified by the size of processed leaf.

Traditional operations result in larger leafy grades and smaller broken grades. Broken grades usually have more tender shoots while leafy grades come from tougher and maturer leaves.

History of Tea


The history of tea comes a long way from Southwest China during the Shang dynasty. Early tea is used as medicinal drink tea. The term Tea is a combination of infusion of fruit, leaves, and parts of Leaves and Buds. Tea is one of the main sources of natural antioxidants due to the high content of biologically active substances which include leaf and leaves.

Benefit of Tea

The benefits of tea include reducing the impact of stress, protecting us from every chronic disease, keep us physical and mentally stable.TeaChuska is an innovative website where you can find all information related to various tea.

Benefit of tea